Types of Web Development for Beginners

Whenever you want to build something new and are a beginner, things start to get complicated really quickly. For example, you heard that a certain profession is really good and that it pays a lot of money. You want to get into the said profession, but you have no clue where to start and whether a certain part of the said profession is good for you or whether you would do better with another part.

This time, we will be taking a look at web development. Web development is an interesting profession that has many nuances to it. If you want to be a web developer, here are a couple of things you should know, namely what types of web development are there, so that you can decide on which area you should focus.

Front-end Web Developers

This is the easy part of web development, or so more experienced programmers think. There is a good reason for why this is as it is. Front-end development focuses on the part of the website or application which the user interacts with.

This can get really complicated if the application is really interactive. However, most of the time, this type of development deals with visuals, graphic elements, buttons, style and everything that the user sees. 

This also includes optimization of the site for loading times, as well as SEO friendliness, so that the site can rank higher and not be hindered by its poor design.

Back-end Web Development

If the front-end is the looks and the interactive side of a site or application, the back-end is of course, the brains and the logic, the core. This type of development has to do with all the logic and things that happen on the server side of things. 

Whenever something gets pulled from a site, for example, someone clicks a link, that link connects the user to the server and the server sends data to the browser to be rendered, like a web page. 

Back-end development can get really complicated because whenever you are dealing with the server side of things you want everything to run smoothly but it doesn’t always.

Full-stack Web Development

This type of web development does it all. You will be the one in charge of both the site’s design, optimization, looks and interactive elements, as well as what happens in the background. There are many benefits to being a full-stack developer and it is encouraged to learn enough to become one.

Full-stack development pays better and you will know more, which can be a bridge to enter other programming waters if you choose to do so. It is more time consuming and you will be the only one responsible for a site, meaning more stress, usually.

There you go, web development for anyone who wants to try it or get into it. Now you know the different types of web development so you will know what to avoid, what to learn and what you might want to consider in the future.

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