Do You Need a Certificate to Be a Good Web Developer?

We all want to learn and become better, the problem is that we don’t want to pay money and get a course degree. Some courses have certificates and they will be a guarantee that you have passed and are somewhat knowledgeable about a topic. However, that might not mean much, though it could, but it depends on the topic.

Web development is a great choice for a career, but the only problem is that people tend to focus too much on the things that aren’t really that necessary. For example, courses and diplomas and certificates.

Do you think that having one makes you a good developer or that one is necessary to be a good developer? 

To stop you from wasting time, it isn’t necessary and here is why.

Courses Teach Basics

Wherever you go through a course, you typically cover the basics of a topic.

This is great because the basics of any topic are the fundamentals which you should know and always be able to refer to should something go wrong and you need to take a step back.

However, the basics of whichever type of programming isn’t going to help you become a good developer, not if you don’t apply the effort and start learning and practicing what you have learned.

Courses do not make programmers, effort does. Courses just tell others that you have passed a course.

Web Development Requires Experience

You are not born experienced and will not be able to get it immediately. You need to start working on your own sites, whether the front-end or the back-end of a site. Just start coding and work on both, if you want to actually improve and become a good developer.

Good developers start to think about their works and ask others about their opinions, particularly if the said others are more knowledgeable about the topic at hand. Experience and skill is what makes a developer good, while a certificate might or might not help them be employed by a company.

Practice and Tests Matter

Once you get enough practice, you can apply for a job. You will be tested, like any developer and programmer is, which has to be done. This tells the seniors whether you know something how proficient you are.

Even for site building and maintenance, you will have to be tested, so prepare your skills and not your certificates.

Note that certificates and formal education are great, but that they won’t make you better without you applying yourself and learning more about the topic you want, in this case, web development.

While a certificate might help you, it will not make you a good web developer on your own.

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