Udemy’s Courses on Web Development – Is it Worth It?

Learning is one of our primary goals in life, one of our primary drivers, or rather, it should be. We like to be driven to greatness, particularly by our own drive and success. However, in order to get there, we have to learn, to strive, to improve and finally, to achieve after failing lots of times.

In order to learn, we need to find a decent source of information, which is getting increasingly more difficult due to the vast majority of sites being advertisement tools and not actual teaching tools.

However, some sites are meant for teaching, such as Udemy. Udemy has great courses overall, but what about their courses on web development?

Let us see if they are worth it.

What to Expect from Udemy?

Udemy is a site that is known for being thorough. So you can expect their courses to be as they are, thorough, but with some limitations.

Web development is a huge topic and a single site with courses might not be able to cover it. Albeit, thinking about it, there are some great courses on Udemy about web development, many of which are highly rated, most sitting around the 4.5 mark.

Most of them are not perfect because no course is and every course lacks some information. As far as the top ten courses on Udemy regarding web development are concerned, you have no reason to worry.

What Type of Web Development Are You Learning?

The two basic parts of web development are not comparable. Front-end development requires you to know HTML and CSS, which are really simple and easy to master languages. On the other hand, back-end development requires you to know all the languages used by servers such as Python, Java, Ruby and more. 

You have to dedicate more time to the latter if you want to become good at it, but both require your time and dedication if you actually want to be good at web development.

Courses Alone Won’t Cut It

This is what you have to deal with at the start. You can’t be a good developer with just a course, no matter if the course is rated five stars on Udemy and ten other sites. It is also worth knowing that the courses often cover the basics of a topic, meaning that you will end up knowing the basics, which is good if you want to actually start learning, rather than expect that you will get into web development as soon as you are done with the course.

Practice Makes Perfect

This is the right mentality for any sort of learning, including the type that you will have to do if you want to actually become a web developer. Web developers need to work and solve various problems that will pop up on sites, such as content not displaying properly or the server failing to handle some requests. Some errors might happen only on certain browsers, and you will have to fix those as well.

Udemy has great courses, very good ones, in fact. They will teach you all sorts of things if you want to cover the basics of any topic, including web development. Their web development courses are good, but they will be just the start of your web dev journey. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to advance as a programmer.

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