IFCS Technology Network

IFCS has always considered partnerships as a key component of its commercial development and customers' satisfaction. A close and permanent collaboration with its business partners allows IFCS to offer each of its clients solutions specifically adapted to their needs and interests. These solutions are all interoperable and durable.


space and property management ArchiDATA is a software company that has developed proprietary technology to dynamically generate accurate and reliable real estate management data from paper and AutoCAD architectural and engineering plans.



PEPITe helps its clients rapidly discover improvement actions through an innovative analysis of huge amounts of manufacturing process data.




Ressources Naturelles Canada Natural Resources Canada has a mandate to promote the sustainable development and responsible use of Canada's mineral, energy and forestry resources, and to develop an understanding of Canada's landmass.

UCtriX is an International solutions company headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Our technologies in unified   communications, cloud services, building performance and energy management are initiatives designed to help enterprises build smart, lower operational costs and leverage cloud services. Our unparalleled service performance, technical know how and leadership history puts us in a unique position to deliver services on-premise or in the cloud.