Why is Web Design Important?

In today’s day and age when we spend most of our time online, there is a strong need to make every single site optimized and good for the user, mobile and desktop. Since we spend a lot of time online, is it only natural that the sites that we visit should be designed to be as optimal as possible?

Well, that is what most people hope or at least, feel frustrated by when it doesn’t happen. Web design is a very important aspect of building a web site and more importantly, having customers stay on your site.

Here is why you should focus more on your web design and why it is really important.

First Impressions

Typically, a user will make a judgment based on what they see on a site, in the first couple of seconds. Whether a site is a health site or a car-related site, first impressions matter. If your site looks like it was designed in the 90s and you aren’t talking about the 90s, then you might want to rethink your design strategy. A sound strategy will prevent any such negative interactions from new users and visitors.

Brand Building

Good web design can be used to improve your brand’s standings in the eyes of consumers. If your site is good, intuitive, easy to use and optimized, then you can be sure that the consumers will notice that. A style can be used to build that brand even further, to the point where certain elements will become synonymous with your brand.


Everyone likes a site that is usable and easy to navigate. A usable site doesn’t make you visit ten links to find the one thing that you are looking for. Sites should display results to you in no time at all, and always start with the most relevant results. If they have search prediction and autofill, then that is a bonus.

A site should be usable on mobile devices, as well as desktop ones.

The Less Stimuli, The Better

The Hick-Hyman law states that the more stimuli you give to a user, the less likely they will be to make a choice, which will complicate things, at least when it comes to conversion. The simpler your site’s design is, the better. 

Don’t give tons of options to your users on the home page, but when it comes to actually purchasing services or products, then you should give them a choice. 

Web design can attract customers or send them away, depending on what you choose to highlight.


If a site is slow to load and very cumbersome, then you won’t get as much traffic. While appealing to humans is necessary to sell more products and services, appealing to the machine, via SEO, is also important. Web design plays a key role in SEO, and that is optimization of loading times and a page’s layout. 

Web design is really important and these are some of the reasons why. If you are building a site, don’t skip on the design.

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