Qualifications and Skills of a Good Web Designer

Everyone wants to have something beautiful in their lives. Some people find partners, others buy pretty cars or decorate their homes. For some people, having a website which looks amazing is good enough.

Web design is a very important job in today’s world where we judge books by their covers and spend little to no time on a site which is ugly and looks terrible. 

A web designer is to blame if the site isn’t doing well on the visual side of things.

A web designer can also become better if they work on a certain set of skills and perhaps get some qualifications.

Here is what they could do to improve.

Spatial Organization

Most people think that web design is all about drawing and painting, using graphics to create a site. Well, it could be, but it isn’t. A designer’s job is to make a site look good, and then 2D artists will make the graphics.

A designer needs to have good spatio-visual organization. They need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. This comes from experience and from being exposed to lots of sites, analyzing them critically and not relying on principles alone. Spatio-visual organization is very important, perhaps the most important skill of a web designer.

Colors and Styles

While organizing elements is a huge part in how a web page will turn out, choosing the right colors and the right styles also matters. 

The colors you choose and the style of graphics is going to have a great influence on the site’s final look and what type of customer you are going to attract. It also helps to know that in advance, or rather, to plan for it.

Analysis and Planning

A good designer needs to plan ahead and that can be done by analyzing the market. Analyze similar sites, those of competitors and those who are out of your league, to see what they have done and guesstimate their visitor count, to see whether a certain layout and style could fit your project.

Planning ahead, knowing the type of visitors you want to attract and also, knowing the competition, makes the designer’s job much easier. 

Courses Help… A Bit

A course and some formal qualifications might do you well, in theory. In practice, you need to design something that will sell and get conversions. Practice is much more important than any theory you might obtain as well as a degree which says that you have studied regularly for an extended period of time. Get qualified, why not, but also start practicing as soon as possible.

A web designer is made by their practice and analytical skills, planning and creativity, not by their qualifications, even though the latter might help in some scenarios, depending on the qualifications. 

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